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Sylt events

Do you hear that ? Waves roar on the beach - an oystercatcher calls ...

The smell of adventure. For many, a typical Sylt vacation consists of long walks on the beach, lots of nature and wadding. With us you experience the island from a different side. Fun and action are in the foreground: with a beach pirate attack, a Segway tour or an exciting race with the beach sailors.

Ask us about extraordinary experiences and rediscover Sylt!

Segways / Wheely - Sylt experience floating

"You stand on it and just drive off - an incredible feeling."
The Sylt-Wheely offers pure driving pleasure and enables you to explore the island with a professional tour guide. The ideal transfer mobile. But watch out - Wheely is addictive!

Beach sailing

The Blokart is a versatile land sailor with a huge fun factor and an absolute risk of addiction for young and old. Even with little wind, it guarantees driving pleasure, whether on the beach or in larger places.


Get in, buckle up and take off. The new Sylt Roadies drive up to 80 km / h. Explore the most beautiful places in Sylt with our guide and experience pure driving pleasure.


With wide tires and an even bigger grin, you “crackle” away.
The driving behavior cannot be compared to a motorcycle or a car.

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